Tina:”What I love about giving tantra massage?

That I am allowed to give what deeply nourishes every human being:

– unconditional love & presence
– devotional worship
– and mindful, sensual & safe touch.

I love creating a sacred, worshipful and sensual space where you feel welcome – EXACTLY AS YOU ARE.
You may experience the worship that every person deserves through my mindful and loving touch. You are invited to completely let go, receive and sink into the sea of sensations. There is nothing to do but to feel you and enjoy…

In the stress of everyday life we often forget how healing loving touch and enjoying your own body and (ecstatic) LIFE energy can be. In my massages I would like to remind you of these benefits again.
This way you can feel WHOLE and let body, mind and soul become ONE.”

Tina offers massage on

13. – 15.02.2024
06. – 08.03.2024
19. – 20.03.2024
26. – 27.03.2024

Tina is a Certified Tantra Massage Therapist TMV® (Training according to the criteria of the Tantra Massage Association).

Languages: German, English