LaLita came into this world in 1999 and since then has grown and flourished together with all the people who work here and with our guests. All staff are professionals and warm-hearted people trained according to the guidelines of the Tantra Massage Association (TMV®). Our tantric massage practice is a committed member of the Tantric Massage Association, and the massage therapists are continuously trained.

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From infancy to old age, we need loving touches. They promote deeper and more peaceful contact with oneself. At LaLita we believe in the beauty and value of each individual. And in the divine life energy that a naturally lived sexuality gives us. With our work, with our touches, we make a contribution every day so that our guests – and we ourselves – can lead happier, sensually fulfilled lives. People who value and respect their own bodies also value and respect the physical and emotional needs of others.

That is why we make tantra massages accessible to everyone. Regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or appearance, everyone can enjoy a tantra massage TMV®.

As a team, we at LaLita live a supportive and respectful cooperation. With this philosophy, we see ourselves in league with many modern companies that are successful in the long term because they value, strengthen and promote each individual team member.

We get our knowledge and skills to a large extent through self-experience. If we want to know how another person reacts to a certain touch, we have to have experienced this touch ourselves. That is why we regularly exchange massages in the team.


The tantra massage is an extensive massage and worship ritual in which the whole body and the intimate area are touched in a harmonious and natural way. The touches also have an effect on thinking and feeling. That is why we also speak of massaging the soul.

The aims of the tantric massage are a relaxed feeling of well-being, the experience of a positive body feeling and the awakening of orgiastic body energy. By distributing this energy throughout the body, one’s own potential of sensual-sexual life force can unfold sustainably.

We know that people who surrender to a massage are particularly vulnerable. That is why we treat our guests mindfully and attentively and teach a natural way of dealing with sexuality, free from shame and pressure of expectations. We create a protected space in which trust, devotion and new experiences are possible.


The spiritual basis of our work is the historical teachings of Osho’s tantric philosophy. Osho has translated ancient scriptures and interpreted them in a way that we can understand. We call this source Neotantra. Another source is the teaching on psychosomatics. Even though we do not practise therapeutic massage, we can state that our work often has a lasting healing effect.

Other teachings that flow into our work are: