LaLita is a very special place in a stylish old building in Leipzig’s Waldstraßenviertel. The rooms are warm and inviting and have been designed with attention to detail. Anyone entering from the outside immediately notices that it smells pleasant.


Bright, clear and clean, the rooms offer a protected atmosphere in which you can feel safe and secure. At a pleasant room temperature, you lie comfortably on a futon during the tantra massage and are pampered with high-quality fragrance and massage oils.

Although each of us applies fixed structures with precise techniques in massage, as givers we follow heart, intuition and imagination. So the massage feels different from each one of us. It is worth trying out this fullness of touch!


LaLita is derived from the Sanskrit word lalita and means exuberant, in love, enchanting, charming and playful. The basis is the Sanskrit verb lal, meaning to play, to caress. LaLita is also one of the many names of the female deity Durga and, when used as a female first name, means the beautiful and the enchanting.