Whether you are still young or already older. Whether you are sexually experienced, inexperienced, confident or rather insecure. Every woman can discover and expand her sensuality. And you will not only feel it yourself, you will also notice it: in your sensual charisma and your lively natural beauty.


All women who have a desire for their sensuality and the experience of body worship. A tantra massage makes it possible to consciously perceive one’s own body. In this way – often completely new – possibilities of sensual experience are discovered and one’s own love life is enriched. Tantra massages also have a nourishing effect on the soul: the woman is seen as a whole and accepted unconditionally in love. Out of this feeling of security, body awareness and self-perception can improve and give energy for everyday life.

Young women discover new facets of their sexuality and learn more about their bodies under loving guidance in the protected space of our tantra massage practice. Pregnant women may want to prepare for birth through a Yoni (vagina) massage with a focus on perineal massage. Older women want to deepen or rediscover their desire and are surprised how empowering this can be into their everyday life. And women who suffer from orgasm difficulties or listlessness often learn new possibilities of sensual self-care through our body worship rituals and practices.


Always something unique. We satisfy your deep need for tenderness, security and closeness. Without any expectations, we pay close attention to your wishes and boundaries. You are in a serious and safe place with us.

During the yoni massage we give attentive and sensual attention to the outer and inner areas of your vagina, the G-spot and the pelvic floor. The touch without expectations can be energetic or healing in a relaxing way. You get to know your yoni better and experience what it is like to be connected to it. A woman who knows her yoni is sensual, confident and knows her sexual desires.


Are you experiencing a tantra massage for the first time? Then we recommend a duration of at least two hours. Plan an additional 30 minutes: for a preliminary talk, shower and a relaxed finish.

Depending on your wishes, you can be massaged by a woman, a man or even four-handed. The therapists are in the giving role, you are exclusively in the receiving role. We do not offer mutual massage or love games.

Curious? Good! We look forward to your questions and will be happy to advise you on which of our tantra massage offers is suitable for you or take your specific appointment requests daily from 9 am to 8 pm: +49 341 / 22 30 735.

This video of the Tantramassageverband e.V. shows you how a tantra massage is given and received.