Just switch off your head and feel your own body. Just enjoy, without pressure of expectation, without a goal. Men of all ages can experience with us how it feels to have to do nothing. Enjoy the sensual body experience that a tantric massage gives you. And return to your everyday life energised and strengthened.


All men who have a desire for a sensual body experience and who want to experience how the body worship of a tantra massage enriches them. A tantra massage makes it possible to feel one’s own body directly, to relax and to surrender completely to the pleasure of being touched. Men often discover ways to counteract a feeling of being burnt out with a new zest for life.

A tantra massage has a healing effect on the man as a whole. In addition to (re)awakening the life energy in every cell of the body through the massage, the massage also satisfies the desire for tenderness and closeness. To be accepted as a human being completely and without prejudice and to be allowed to be as one is, gives strength and energy.

Younger men learn more about their bodies and experience a new approach to their bodily sensations. Men who are under a lot of tension at work enjoy time out in our facilities. Tension, stress or burn-out, which may be reflected in erection problems or premature ejaculation, can be reduced and overcome through our calm guidance.


You bathe in sensuality and loving attention. Every tantric massage is a holistic work of art that awakens all your senses. Mental as well as physical blockages can be released and tensions relieved as we gently move your body. Through the movement we also distribute the released energy so that it can flow powerfully through your entire body.

During the lingam massage, the massage of the intimate area, sensitive reflex points can be activated and stimulated with special grips. An anal and prostate massage can also be integrated if you want an even more intense experience. Enjoy your body.


Are you experiencing a tantra massage for the first time? Then we recommend a duration of at least two hours. Plan an additional 30 minutes: for a preliminary talk, shower and a relaxed finish. The anal and prostate massage is available for a massage duration of 2, 2,5 or 3 hours at no extra charge.

You can be massaged by a woman, a man or even four-handed, depending on your wishes. The therapists are in the giving role, you are exclusively in the receiving role. We do not offer mutual massage or love games.

Curious? Good! We look forward to your questions and will be happy to advise you on which of our tantra massage offers is suitable for you or take your specific appointment requests daily from 9 am to 8 pm: +49 341 / 22 30 735.

This video of the Tantramassageverband e.V. shows you how a tantra massage is given and received.