Smita: “For me, tantric massage is an immersion in absolute love. With each of my touches, adoration and love flow into you. You can feel your body. All your feelings are allowed to be. You are welcome just as you are. Immerse yourself in being yourself and enjoy and celebrate your vitality, your (life) pleasure and the power that lies within.

You are also welcome to come with a specific concern, e.g. if you feel blockages in your sexuality or have other questions. I will be happy to accompany you with a combination of massage and coaching on the path to (re)fulfilling pleasure and love.”

“Massage is one of the finest arts. It is not just a question of technique. It is a question of love.” (Osho)

Smita is the owner and manager of LaLita since 1999.

Smita offers massages from

08. – 09.02.2024
13. – 14.03.2024

Smita is a Certified Tantra Massage Therapist TMV® (Training according to the criteria of the Tantra Massage Association) and has over 20 years of tantric massage experience.

Languages: German, English