Eva: ”I love tantra massage because

* I take great pleasure in touch and sensual artistry
* it helps to (re)learn how to live with pleasure and practice the bliss and awareness we all deserve
* it radically recognises both the vulnerability of the human soul and the power that lies within it
* joyful relaxation is essential for our mental health
* almost nowhere else are we so welcome from head to toe, with skin and hair, and can experience so much warmth and security as in this special setting

For me, tantra massage is a philosophy of life moulded in touch – it forms a counterpoint to what we regard as normality and can thus open up new perspectives.

That’s why it has fascinated me for almost 10 years and I’m happy to share it.”
Eva writes a blog worth reading: evahanson.de

Eva offers massage on

29. – 30.06.2024
30. – 31.07.2024
29. – 30.08.2024

Eva is a Certified Tantra Massage therapist TMV® (Training according to the criteria of the Tantra Massage Association).

Languages: German, English