Anlise: “Why the tantric massage? For me, it wasn’t a question of learning just any massage, but tantric massage. What fascinates me about it are the people, their soul, their body and mind, how everything comes together, taking people to places they don’t yet know, but have already sensed. The world is much bigger than what I thought. It totally motivates me to engage deeply and with my whole being with someone else: to be intimate, close, passionate and lustful.

I love it when a smile appears, when tears flow, when you are touched by yourself and rediscover yourself in the process. What a gift and an honour to be there when your head is no longer in control and your body surrenders to the moment. When cracks appear, the mask falls, it suddenly becomes completely calm and is completely different the next moment. I love letting myself flow from moment to moment, letting myself be inspired by you and allowing this sacred space to emerge without expectations – full of surprises. Let yourself be surprised by you. I look forward to accompanying you.”

Anlise offers massage on

03. – 06.02.2024
08. – 10.03.2024
18. – 20.03.2024
08. – 09.04.2024

Anlise is a Tantra Massage therapist according to Andro® (Training according to the criteria of the Tantra Massage Association).

Languages: German, French, English


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