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The Rooms & Surrounding

Rooms Of LaLitaBath And Floor Of LaLitaGentle oriental sounds float through space while candles put everything into soft light. The process of relaxation starts to happen the very moment you enter the room. In this warm and fragrant atmosphere we welcome you to spend unforgettable time.

Our tantra massages are offered in a warm and safe surrounding. We use only aromatic and massage oils of high quality. During the massage you are lying very comfortably on a futon (jap. cotton mattress). We take a lot of time to make your body feel more relaxed and joyful.


The name LaLita

The name LaLita is of Indian origin. It is derived from the Sanskrit word lalita what love, adorable, charming, playful” translated means. It is based on the Sanskrit verb lal what play, caressmeans.
The first name Lalita is one of the many names of the female deity Durga.
In India the first name Lalita means “the beautiful one”, the charming”.