Our rooms have always been beautiful – now they are even more beautiful. We have used the “corona-lockdown” (Nov 20 – March 21) to make our rooms fresher and more modern. Stylish old building, typical high stucco ceilings, spacious with more than 20 sqm – we offer you the best feel-good atmosphere. In our tantric massages TMV® we use only high quality fragrance and massage oils. At a pleasantly warm room temperature you lie comfortably on a futon (jap. cotton mattress).

Although each of us massages according to set structures using different techniques, we follow our own intuition and imagination individually with heart and empathy. Thus, the massage feels different for each of us. So it is worth trying out this variety of touch!

The name LaLita

The name LaLita is of Indian origin. It is derived from the Sanskrit word lalita, which translates as “exuberant, amorous, enchanting, delightful, playful.” The base is the Sanskrit verb lal, which means “to play, to caress”. The given name Lalita is one of the many names of the female deity Durga. In Indian, the first name Lalita means “the beautiful”, “the charming”.