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Mona: “In a tantra massage, your whole being – strengths and weaknesses, body and soul, intellect and sexuality – is being attended to, accepted and revered. Just the way you are, you can be nothing but just right.

For you, a tantra massage is supposed to be a journey to yourself because this kind of massage does not demand anything of you, but offers you a safe space to unfold and develop.

With my calm and sensitive way of being and touching, I invite you into this safe atmosphere. Let me guide you on this journey through the wonderful and maybe very emotional aspects of your being. Live and love yourself in an unexpected new way. It is worth it.”

Mona offers massage from

23. – 24.09.2019
23. – 24.10.2019

Mona is a Certified Tantra Massage Therapist TMV® (Training according to the criteria of the Tantra Massage Association).