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About us

Team Members

Our competences and interests

Since 1999 we pass on our massage experiences in a professional and successful way. We are a team of sympathetic women and men between the age of 25 and 45, trained in different massage techniques such as

  • medical whole body massage,
  • rebalancing,
  • reiki or
  • foot reflexology.

Also training in

  • counselling for couples or
  • sexual problems,
  • breath therapy,
  • Feldenkrais,
  • meditation and
  • energywork

enrich our work. All of us have profound training in tantra massage and continue regularly our studies.

Even though everyone of us follows a defined concept in the massage we also use our own intuition and fantasy with love and empathy. Each one brings in his/her own individual style.

We invite you to try out this variety of touch.

Logo Tantramassagenverband

LaLita is an engaged member of the german tantra massage assocciation “Tantramassagenverband e.V.”.

The rooms & Surrounding

Rooms Of LaLitaGentle oriental sounds float through space while candles put everything into soft light. The process of relaxation starts to happen the very moment you enter the room. In this warm and fragrant atmosphere we welcome you to spend unforgettable time.

Our tantra massages are offered in a warm and safe surrounding. We use only aromatic and massage oils of high quality. During the massage you are lying very comfortably on a futon (jap. cotton mattress). We take a lot of time to make your body feel more relaxed and joyful.

The name LaLita

The name LaLita originates from Sanskrit-language and means Shakti, womanliness or the giving, soft part in every human being.